Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SAMLA in Atlanta 2013: EMR CFP

SAMLA is back in Atlanta, Nov 8-10, 2013. Please see the following two CFP's.

Elizabeth Madox Roberts: Prospect & Retrospect
Papers for this session may deal with all aspects of Roberts’s work and life. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following: Roberts and new work (particularly her posthumously published unfinished novel Flood); Roberts and her manuscripts; Roberts in the context of Southern literature; Roberts and Southern Agrarianism; Roberts’ literary and stylistic influences (i.e., Synge, Hardy, Joyce, Homer, Hopkins, Beethoven, Pound); Roberts and religion; Roberts and Modernism; Roberts and the novel; Roberts as poet; Roberts as writer of short fiction; Roberts and Regionalism; Roberts and the politics of literary reputation; Roberts and feminism; and, Roberts and Kentucky. Abstracts should be 250 words and sent by June 1, 2013 to Jessica Mackenzie Conti (SUNY-New Paltz) at jesmackenzie@hotmail.com.

Elizabeth Madox Roberts and Other Writers
Papers for this session should deal with Elizabeth Madox Roberts and other writers. Topics may include but are not limited to: Roberts and her contemporaries (Roberts and Pound, Roberts and Faulkner, Roberts and Hemingway, Roberts and Woolf, Roberts and Wescott, etc); Roberts and her influences; Roberts’ literary friendships; Roberts’ epistolary relationships; those influenced by Roberts; Roberts as Kentucky writer; Roberts as Southern Writer. Abstracts should be 250 words and sent by June 1, 2013 to Matthew Nickel (SUNY-New Paltz) at mattcnickel@gmail.com.