Saturday, April 28, 2007

KET - One-on-one

EMRS Members:
On Tuesday morning after the conference ended I stopped in off the road at Kentucky Educational TV and taped a half hour program on Roberts for Bill Goodman's "One-on-One" show. (Those who watched the live studio feed said it was a good show--I wouldn't know yet. And even if all that TV makeup was irritating, I suppose it was useful as cover for the visible [?] exhaustion of another great conference.) Note that KET lists the broadcast times here; and they also say that it will be available online.


Click on "Kentucky Educational TV" under links on this site for more info.

Friday, April 27, 2007

EMR Graveside Reading: a poem by Brad McDuffie

Being Low, My God, Hawks Rise

(Inspired by Elizabeth Madox Roberts’s A Buried Treasure)

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”
--Luke 12:34

She longs to set her heart against the earth, hear-
ing, whole, where God still speaks from seeds of wheat, gold
in its origins.

There will your heart be also, on vast oceans,
In your forty-days of rain, which gives forth rem-
nants of Holy Sonnets,

Echoes of the world in its becoming– pat-
terning themselves there upon your heart, buried under deltas
of blood beating Time.

There will your heart be also when the crow brings death
to grain and the Western Wind beats drought upon the land;
Being low, My God, Hawks

Rise as lightning from the ash. Hymns of blest
Springs bury October Rain in songs that tremble–
Dawn being a shadow

Of blood and the trumpet of sins last remission.
And there will your heart be also when the earth
gives up its ghost, dying,

At last, with death’s dominion.
Mystery unfolding in mystery
To eyes for all of Time.