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College English Association (Baltimore, March 27-29, 2014)

College English Association (Baltimore, March 27-29, 2014)
Elizabeth Madox Roberts: Past & Present
Papers for this session should deal with Roberts’ life and work. Suggested topics include but are not limited to: Roberts’ legacy past and present; Roberts and biography; Roberts and influence; Roberts and intertextuality; Roberts and Southern Literature; Roberts, Place and Time; Roberts and Regionalism; Roberts and Feminism; Roberts and neglect; the Roberts revival; Roberts and other writers (Pound, Faulkner, Hemingway, Eliot, Woolf, Joyce, Tate, etc). Please send 250 word abstract to Matthew Nickel at by 15 September 2013.

Elizabeth Madox Roberts Annual Conference 2014

The XVI Annual Elizabeth Madox Roberts Conference
April 26-28, 2014 Harrodsburg and Springfield (Roberts' hometown), KY
The XVI Annual Elizabeth Madox Roberts Conference will be held April 19-21, 2014, at St. Catharine College (Springfield, KY) and the Beaumont Inn (Harrodsburg, KY). We welcome papers that deal intertextually with Roberts and other writers: especially Roberts and Earl Hamner, Roberts and C. E. Morgan; Roberts in the context of the Southern Renascence; Roberts viewed from regional and historical perspectives; Roberts and Modernism; Roberts and Southern history; Roberts and Religion, etc. First-time reader response papers or essays of discovery and celebration from new readers of Roberts are strongly encouraged. Conference directors also welcome papers on recently published works by Roberts. In 2012, the Reading Roberts Series published Roberts’ unfinished novel Flood (ed. Vicki Barker), manuscript fragments and poems in Reading Roberts: Prospect & Retrospect (eds. William Boyle, H. R. Stoneback, and Matthew Nickel), and Daniel Boone variants in Kentucky: Poets of Place (ed. Matthew Nickel).

Titles and abstracts are due January 7, 2014. Papers should be no more than 15 minutes in oral presentation. Academic paper sessions will be held at St. Catharine College in Springfield. The conference headquarters is the lovely and legendary Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg.

Email title and abstract to both of the Co-Program Chairs: Jessica Mackenzie Conti (SUNY New Paltz) at and Jamie Stamant (Texas A & M University) at

Direct all other conference inquiries to the Co-Conference Directors: Matthew Nickel (Dept. of English, Misericordia University) at and H. R. Stoneback, (Dept. of English, SUNY New Paltz) at

Earl Hamner and The Time of Man

As many of you are aware from our annual newsletter articles by H. R. Stoneback, Earl Hamner--creator of The Waltons and writer of numerous works, including, Fifty Roads to Town, Spencer's Mountain, You Can't Get There From Here, and others--has expressed his indebtedness to Elizabeth Madox Roberts and The Time of Man. Please read his own thoughts about Roberts on his blog here or here:

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SAMLA in Atlanta 2013: EMR CFP

SAMLA is back in Atlanta, Nov 8-10, 2013. Please see the following two CFP's.

Elizabeth Madox Roberts: Prospect & Retrospect
Papers for this session may deal with all aspects of Roberts’s work and life. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following: Roberts and new work (particularly her posthumously published unfinished novel Flood); Roberts and her manuscripts; Roberts in the context of Southern literature; Roberts and Southern Agrarianism; Roberts’ literary and stylistic influences (i.e., Synge, Hardy, Joyce, Homer, Hopkins, Beethoven, Pound); Roberts and religion; Roberts and Modernism; Roberts and the novel; Roberts as poet; Roberts as writer of short fiction; Roberts and Regionalism; Roberts and the politics of literary reputation; Roberts and feminism; and, Roberts and Kentucky. Abstracts should be 250 words and sent by June 1, 2013 to Jessica Mackenzie Conti (SUNY-New Paltz) at

Elizabeth Madox Roberts and Other Writers
Papers for this session should deal with Elizabeth Madox Roberts and other writers. Topics may include but are not limited to: Roberts and her contemporaries (Roberts and Pound, Roberts and Faulkner, Roberts and Hemingway, Roberts and Woolf, Roberts and Wescott, etc); Roberts and her influences; Roberts’ literary friendships; Roberts’ epistolary relationships; those influenced by Roberts; Roberts as Kentucky writer; Roberts as Southern Writer. Abstracts should be 250 words and sent by June 1, 2013 to Matthew Nickel (SUNY-New Paltz) at