Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A New Edition of Roberts' The Great Meadow

Hesperus Press (UK, will be publishing a new edition of The Great Meadow.

Below is their press release information:

Elizabeth Madox Roberts
Introduction by competition winner
Michael Wynne
31 October 2012
B format PB

Hesperus Press is very proud to be celebrating its 10th anniversary this autumn.
To honour the occasion, In June 2012 Hesperus Press launched a competition asking members of the public to nominate one out-of-print book they would like to see back in print.

The winning book, which will be published in October 2012 by Hesperus is
The Great Meadow by Elizabeth Madox Roberts.

First published in 1930 and shortlisted for the Pulitzer Prize, The Great Meadow is a historical novel set in the early days of Kentucky settlement. Intertwined with a flowing romantic saga of young love on the Kentucky trail, are richly painted scenes colonial America.

Diony Hall has waited for many years for her betrothed to return to marry her. Trying to fathom the nature of identity and her place in the vast newly created America, Diony spends her time at the family hearthside, combining her love of reading with her roles within the family circle and the daily tasks on the homestead. When Berk Jarvis returns and they are married, they both bid farewell to Virginia, family, community and security to head out to found a new family and a new life together in the wilderness of Kentucky

What follows is a breathtaking story of love and death, as the settlers cross the Appalachian mountains and struggle to carve a new life on the unforgiving frontier at the mercy of shortages, harsh winters and the perpetual danger of Indian attack. This astonishing novel, with its rhythmic prose, has too long been forgotten

The winning entry came from Michael Wynne and the new Hesperus edition of The Great Meadow will contain a 500 word introduction written by him.