Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reading Roberts Series

The Reading Roberts Series is a project committed to publishing a wide range of scholarly and literary volumes devoted to the work of Elizabeth Madox Roberts, including previously unpublished Roberts manuscripts, critical monographs on Roberts, collections of critical essays on Roberts and her legacy, volumes of poetry and other creative endeavors that illuminate the terroir of Roberts' work, reissued volumes of importance to Roberts Scholarship, and other works.
We currently have three books available for purchase now (and others currently under production--check back for news). 

1. Elizabeth Madox Roberts, Flood (an unpublished unfinished novel by Roberts). Editor, Vicki Barker
2. Reading Roberts: Prospect & Retrospect (a collection of essays on Roberts and her work). Editors, H. R. Stoneback, William Boyle, and Matthew Nickel

3. Kentucky: Poets of Place (and anthology of poetry). Editor, Matthew Nickel. 

The list price of the books in the series is $20 each. Send your order with updated mailing address (and check payable to “Tina Iraca”) to the EMRS Treasurer, Tina Iraca, 16 Montgomery St., Tivoli, NY 12583. Please encourage your library to order these books as well.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Kentucky Poets of Place

Kentucky: Poets of Place, a new anthology published by The Elizabeth Madox Roberts Society, edited by Matthew Nickel, and including poems by famous Kentucky writers like Wendell Berry, Elizabeth Madox Roberts, Robert Penn Warren, H. R. Stoneback, and others (Dave Smith, Matthew Haughton, Ricardo Nazario y Colon, Ron Smith, Vivian Shipley, Jessica Conti, Gregg Neikirk, Shawn Rubenfeld, Chris Paolini, Chris Lawrence, Matthew Nickel, etc.), will be premiered during Kentucky Writers Day at Penn's Store in Gravel Switch, KY, Sunday April 22, between 3-4 pm. Some poets included in the anthology will be reading. See you there!